A Drive in the Tesla

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for EVs! Today Simon Hackett, took his Telsa Roadster to a Sunday social event for our South Australian EV association at Goolwa, about 80km south of where I live in Adelaide. We had a BBQ kindly hosted at Edward and Jane’s house and a pleasant day with many EV people, including the guys from Geelong that had been involved in Michaels 1 week EV conversion over the last few days.

The car is is the only one of it’s kind in Australia, and at this stage can’t be driven on S.A. roads. So the car was trailered to the local Goolwa air strip where the runway was put to good use! Simon took each of us for a run up and down the runway – thank you very much Simon!

This is the fastest car I have ever been in. You get pushed back in your seat, four seconds to 100 km/hr. About 1000m later we hit 100 mph just before hitting the brakes at the end of the runway which stopped us in perhaps 3 seconds. Frankly, I was scared! Everyone getting out of the car had great big grins on their face, boys and men (and a few grandmas) alike:

It’s been a big couple of weeks for EVs – the MIEV, then Michaels brand new EV and now the Tesla!