Production Mesh Potatoes

In September the production Mesh Potato was released. Since it was was conceived in June 2008 building the Mesh Potato has been my major project. So this is an important personal milestone for me. Time to sit back and think about what next. To collect all the material in one place I wrote this summary page and was amazed at the number of posts. I sure do talk a lot.

My goal is to improve the world a little. At the time of writing around 150 people across 5 live sites world wide are getting some sort of value from Mesh Potatoes. It’s important to me that this scales. 100,000 lives being improved would be a nice result. I need to think about what road blocks need to be removed to make this happen.

You can buy Mesh Potatoes at the Village Telco Store or direct from Atcom.

Remember, when you buy a Mesh Potato, the modest profits go back into helping the Village Telco. This means you are helping people in the developing world make affordable phone calls. A phone call should be a human right, not a privilege.