Dili Village Telco – The Scooter

It’s very hot and humid here. A 20 minute walk and all your clothes are wet. The sweat drips off you as you work. And it’s not even the warmest time of year!

I have hired a scooter, a great way to get around in Dili. Curiously, I feel safer on a scooter here than home in Australia as the road conditions and heavy traffic limit the speed to around 40 km/hr. I get beeped a lot and abused by taxi drivers so I must be riding like a local. Riding is a game of dodge the pot holes, which I occasionally loose.

The air conditioning is awesome, riding the scooter is the only time I am really comfortable with the climate. Scooting along on a warm tropical evening in the near complete darkness here is magical.

This photo is a little cut off, but check out Mum, Dad, two small children and 4 litres of high explosive (petrol) all along for the ride!

Our good friend Alipio from Info Timor is very serious about Ubuntu Advocacy:

Once a day it rains. And when it rains, it really rains. Streets get flooded, creeks and drains become rivers. This can go on for 5 minutes or 5 hours. In my case it went on just long enough for the scooter ride back to the hotel!