Serval Arkaroola Demo

We just had a great day demonstrating a project derived from Village Telco technology called Serval. The demo was in the Flinders Ranges which involved a lot of fun flying around South Australia and a helicopter!

I have documented the Serval Arkaroola Demo over on the Village Telco blog. I am very happy with the photos in that post and what I learned on the day about possibilities for mesh telephony.

Thanks to Paul and the Serval team for inviting Rosemary and I along. It was especially thoughtful of Paul to invite Rosemary, as she often has to stay at home and look after our family and business when I go flitting around the world. She has contributed a lot to my projects and especially the Village Telco through her support. Here is Rosemary getting on the plane to Arkaroola at day break: