Charging Strange Camera Batteries

I borrowed my Mother’s camera once, and somehow lost the special charger. So now every few months she brings it around and I have to work out how to charge the little Lithium battery. This usually involves fiddling with bits of wire, a current limited bench power supply (4V, 100mA), and a vice or clamp or rubber bands.

Here is my latest attempt at a charging jig, which is working out better than most:

Some thick wire bent into semi circles and soldered to a scrap of veroboard. Since taking this photo I have added a spring clamp to hold the battery near the contacts. It’s been hanging on OK and charging for the last few hours.

One thought on “Charging Strange Camera Batteries”

  1. I totally understand your situation, and love the photo of your solution.

    I have also seen people use little magnet balls to hold wires in place on batteries. The you can stick the wires to the terminals and charge. Pretty handy in one-off situations.

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