Fixing Broken Plastic Fridge Shelves

I have a small Samsung fridge that developed several cracks in the shelves on the door. After a while the cracks spread and one of the shelves became unusable. We couldn’t seem to buy a spare. This was really annoying. I felt like Samsung was telling me to buy a new fridge! So I tried gluing it with epoxy, that lasted a few days then broke. I tried gluing again, this time with reinforcing plastic strips along the cracks. That also only lasted a few days.

Then while rummaging through the garage one day I found this fabric backed tape that I had bought from an auto store to patch up some rips in the upholstery of my Electric Car. So I tried that on the fridge shelf. It’s not pretty but has worked well now for over a month. The shelf feels more robust than ever.

2 thoughts on “Fixing Broken Plastic Fridge Shelves”

  1. Brilliant! I’m sure my mum would hate that tape though. On a side note, this post was suggested to me by Google Now, which is pretty cool, and also a bit scary since it means Google knows that I occasionally check your blog :s

    1. Thanks Daniel. Yes FB recognised the faces of two people in one of my recent photos, I found that a bit scary.

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