Fluksometer Update

Hello, I am David’s 18 year old daughter, Amy. Some of you may remember me as the girl who’s father busted her teenage party using an energy monitor, from 800km away. Since my social life was destroyed in one night due to this product, I have had a lot of time on my hands. My father has given me the task of taking over his Fluksometer business. Some might say I am uniquely qualified for this task, due to my expert knowledge in the capabilities of this device and my enthusiasm for the pocket money.

The Fluksometer measures your household power using a sensor that clips over the mains cable in your fuse box. The Fluksometer then connects with your Wifi network and automatically logs power data to the Flukso website. Your data can then be viewed via your account on the Flukso website, making it easily accessible on your 3G portable devices.

We are now stocking the highly anticipated FLM02B, an improved and more flexible version of the previous FLM02A. Order online here.