Great Experience with Toshiba Laptop Repair

This is a bit off my regular topics, but I just wanted to thank Toshiba publicly for the amazingly fast repair they performed on my daughters laptop.

My daughters CD/DVD driver was skipping on her laptop. Thinking back to my previous experience with warranty repairs to anything electronic, I told her to kiss her laptop good bye for a few months. So I reluctantly phoned the Toshiba service centre on Wednesday, and the call centre told me to hit their warranty repairs web site. About 20 minutes after I filled in the form a guy phoned me and said their would be a courier arriving shortly. They even had a PDF address label that I just downloaded and printed. Fortunately I had the original packing so it was easy to get it ready. Sure enough, a few hours later a courier turned up and off it went. I waved it a teary fair well, wondering if I would ever see it again! The repair depot was in Perth, about 3000km away.

A day later I get an email that says the repair is complete! WTF?

At 9am Friday morning the laptop is back, about 40 hours after it left my house, despite a round trip of 6000 km. And the repair was completed and it worked fine. I must admit I was amazed at this sort of service.

Well done Toshiba!
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One thought on “Great Experience with Toshiba Laptop Repair”

  1. I don’t know what service is like now Thinkpads are Lenovo products, but the service when they were IBM was superb. I took a trip to England and my keyboard failed. The local service centre would have fixed it while I waited, but I had a US keyboard, and they had to get one of those from some main UK warehouse. The next day the machine was ready, and they were even nice about not being able to check it properly because it ran Chinese Windows – they had to leave it running until I got there, as they couldn’t work out how to shut it down :-)

    At the other end of the scale, no good will ever come of buying a Sony.

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