SM1000 Part 8 – Video and Beta CAD work

Over the last few months Rick KA8BMA has been working steadily on the schematic, PCB, and enclosure CAD work for the SM1000 Beta. This is now complete, the Beta PCBs have been made, and the first 2 Beta units are being hand assembled by Edwin at Dragino. Rick and I will test these, then kick off the Qty 100 Beta run which I estimate will be on sale in January.

I’m a bit intimidated by the mechanical CAD work required to make an enclosure, but Rick has stepped right up and done a fine job designing a bent metal case comprised of two U-shaped halves. This can be economically made in small quantities. This sort of case is more suited to the “small box on the desk” form factor, but that’s OK for now. It still has an aperture for the internal microphone. Click for larger images.

Last week I visited VK2 and gave a talk at the ARNSW Home Brew Group meeting at Dural, on the NW edge of Sydney. I had a very pleasant day with Peter Marx who was kind enough to drive me there and record the talk. As well as the standard intro to Codec 2 and FreeDV the second half covers the SM1000.

3 thoughts on “SM1000 Part 8 – Video and Beta CAD work”

  1. GREAT video presentation! Although I didn’t previously understand how speech digitisation works, at least now I have a rough understanding!

    I’m really looking forward to the release of the “first 100”, and I want one!!

    The sample “over the air” signals were particularly impressive – until they got down to the lowest bit-rate, I could hardly tell the difference from the original voice.

    I’m about to move from a house to a flat (apartment) and I’ll probably be operating with only an antenna in the loft (roof-space), so 20m is likely to be among my easiest bands to get onto.

    Hopefully the SM1000 will have jumpers to easily allow me to connect my FT857 and stock mic, and I’d love to be able to use my preferred HF rig, which is a “boat-anchor” Trio/Kenwood TS520, which should be even easier to interface.

    Wonderful job David, and I’m now even keener to get onto FreeDV and join others on the 20m “channel”.

    73, Stu (G3OCR)

  2. Thanks Stu, I’m glad the video was useful. Yes a lot of people are interested in using the SM1000 with legacy HF and VHF radios. Lets make “vacuum tube” digital voice that happen!

    – David

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