SM1000 Part 9 – First Betas

Edwin and his team at Dragino have hand assembled the first two SM1000 Beta units in Shenzhen. I’m working with him to perform some initial tests while we wait a few days for the prototype enclosures to be made. Then Rick and I will both get a SM1000 shipped to us for testing. We’ve found a few little issues so far which we will correct before the Qty 100 beta run later this month.

3 thoughts on “SM1000 Part 9 – First Betas”

  1. Hi David and all,

    Hmmmm. Guess I pushed the wrong comment button.

    VERY IMPRESSIVE. Finally the real thing !!

    Nice gift to Ham Radio Ops everywhere :).

    Happy Holidays to all.


  2. It’s amazing how much infrastructure you need for a voice modem! P.S. The dragino link needs a www in front of it to work. joyeux noël

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