SM1000 Part 11 – Accepting Pre-orders!

The first batch of 100 SM1000s are being built in China right now and we estimate shipping will start in late March April. Due to popular demand I am accepting pre-orders right now!

Australian customers can buy directly from my Store, rest of the world please use the Aliexpress Store for direct shipping from Shenzhen, China.

Thanks Rick KA8BMA and Edwin from Dragino for all your kind help!


We have experienced some quality issues with the enclosure manufacturer. This is frustrating – we now have 100 SM1000’s ready to ship but no enclosures for them! Anyway, Edwin has found a new supplier and we are in the process of getting the enclosures made. This means that shipping has slipped until late April. I apologise to those who have pre-purchased SM1000s on the basis of my previous promise of late March shipping. Happy to provide a refund, or please stand by and we will ship your order as soon as we can!

Oh, and we have sold nearly all of the first batch of 100! Thanks!

30 thoughts on “SM1000 Part 11 – Accepting Pre-orders!”

  1. Nice box, and the labels on the sockets actually make sense. So often I’ve puzzled over In and Out which get plugged in to an Out and In..

    Great stuff, can’t wait to try it on air.


    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes I get confused myself about rig connections. It is quite a challenge to convey the information clearly in two words on a little silk screen. We also spent some time getting the 3.5mm socket spacing right. It’s a small box and some 3.5mm plugs are quite wide in diameter. All these little details in a real world product ….



  2. Any expectation to sell through distributors David? I’m wondering whether this could take off at the Friedrchshafen HAM RADIO event in June. This is the largest amateur gathering in Europe.
    I can this of a couple of firms that might be interested to distribute and already attend HAM RADIO each year.


    1. Hi Ed,

      I am actually quite a lazy businessman so haven’t thought about distribution yet. I keep getting distracted by interesting technical problems :-)

      The Aliexpress distribution also seems pretty cool, shipping rates are reasonable (in come cases less than what I pay internally in .au).

      However if some one is interested in distribution I am happy to discuss it.



      1. You’d have to really ramp-up quantity, as the distributors don’t work for free, and you probably don’t want to lose your margin. Higher price is a possibility, as AOR charged $500 for their junker, but alas, didn’t sell very many. If you build too many, you could be stuck selling to a liquidator at pennies on the dollar, who will then unsolder all the parts and resell them on eBay. Best to build 100, update, build 100 more, you don’t lose your shirt if only 50 sell before the market collapses.

  3. David,

    The finished product looks great. The custom case looks great too, simple but adequate. I can’t wait to get mine.

    BTW, I have purchased several items from Aliexpress and they have performed well.

    Congratulations and thanks for your efforts to bring a one box FreeDV solution to market.

    Ike W3IKE

    1. Thank you Ike, Rick has done a fine job designing the case and has worked hard with Edwin to refine it. Lots of little details to attend to. It’s fine for on the bench I think, in the “hand held mode” it’s a bit “steampunk” but lets us test the concept. If this product hits larger volumes we’ll look into an injected moulded plastic case.

      – David

  4. Gentlemen, What a great start to making FREEDV a ham radio shack standard piece of hardware. I am all for a Kickstarter funding approach and you could count me in. This is too valuable to the Amateur Community to let it die for lack of funding. I will be pushing this and any other news of this with my local clubs in the Detroit Area. 73, ES Thanks Again.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes a few people have suggested using Kickstarter. For the current volumes (we are making 100) funding is not an issue however if it really takes off Kickstarter might be useful to help fund large volume runs. Kickstarter type approaches are also good from a marketing point of view.



  5. Hi David,

    it really looks great! Hope it will be overall successful and be a good support to make FreeDV more popular!!!

    73 – Michael

  6. Minor point, but I think the silk screen on top is upside down. That is, the photo is probably the back that will be pointed at the radio most of the time, and I suspect the LED’s are on the front (not shown).

    OK, OK, I have way too much time on my hands, ha.

    You might put a sexy model in the photo to show how small it is in her hand. Congrats!

    1. Yes there is a bunch of LEDs, volume control, USB on the “top” surface. In “PTT mic” form factor the cables all come out of the “bottom” panel that is visible above.

      Are you volunteering for the model role Steve 😉 ?

  7. Is it possible to purchase these things by money order or direct deposit?

    I find these methods preferrable to messing around with the debit card (which for me, requires a visit to the post office anyway).

  8. Hi David,

    Next step from JT4/JT65 on 10/24 GHz on our >1000km tropo paths


    David VK5KK

  9. Mmmm….any suggestions on an interface cable to/from an USB headset to the 3mm interfaces on the left of the box (1 ext mic, 1 ext spkr).

    1. The hardware support is there. A USB headset could plug into the USB OTG port via an adaptor cable. However we don’t have plans to write the required driver software. Happy to accept a patch though!

  10. Hi David! Nice work. Is it possible to order one and have it shipped now without the (pretty ugly) box? I’d of course accept the responsibility of fitting it in a suitable box.


    1. Hi Jonas,

      Yes that is possible – you can request this when you place your Aliexpress order.



  11. Hi David,
    Looking forward to trying out the SM1000 soon.
    Any update on shipping? I ordered one back on the 4th March.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello,

      We’ve just received the enclosures so all orders will be shipped over the next week. I’ll ship the .au orders when my stock arrives, so they are about 7-10 days away.



  12. Don’t know what Jonas (above) means – Mine arrived today and I think the box is fine.

    I was originally dubious about using the SM1000 as a speaker-mike, but it fits nicely in my hand, and it can even be used left-handed with the thumb operating the PTT. (I’m right, but often have a pencil in my right hand when on the air)

    Now I just have to make up the cables (is there a schematic somewhere that shows pin-outs and interfacung?)

  13. (my last post was typed-up a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to “send”!)

    I understand that the SM1000 will switch between DV and regular SSB – Is this done by setting the power switch to OFF? What do the “select” and “back” push-buttons do?

    (I’m a bit slow in getting it into operation due to having to sort out my antennas after a QTH move)

    Stu, G3OCR

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