SM1000 Part 12 – Testing in the US

Walter, K5WH has one of the 3 pre-beta SM1000 units. He writes:

Here’s a pic of the operations setup of the SM1000 on the air today from Houston Texas, into my HPSDR radio. With average Power down to 3 watts even. Made successful contacts to Mel-K0PFX and Gerry-N4DV. After working the audio levels a little, had reports of nice transmitted audio, and the received audio was very clean sounding as well. We were even fortunate enough to have a station breaking in with us from Benin West Africa, TY2BP Pat.

So not only working a couple stateside stations, but first DX as well. Great success with the SM1000! Walter has used the SM1000 with his HSPDR and TS-480 radios at power levels between 4 and 75W.

3 thoughts on “SM1000 Part 12 – Testing in the US”

  1. Walter,
    Thanks for all the hard work setting up the SM1000. Working the DX is frosting on the cake. Once we get the case straightened out, the SM1000 will be ready for prime time. I think we’ve had some success in that regard the last couple of days.

    Will you be going to Dayton?

    Rick Barnich KA8BMA

  2. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Dayton this year Rick. But I do hope to make contact with the guys in the FreeDV booth there at the show if they are able to an external antenna working by chance.

    You can bet I’ll be home in full envy of you guys though. :)

    All the best, Walter/K5WH….

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