SM1000 Part 13 – Shipping!

The enclosure has arrived from the new manufacturer! Edwin and team at Dragino are now assembling, testing, and shipping the first batch of 100 SM1000s. We plan to ship all Aliexpress pre-orders in week starting 3 May, Australian orders the week starting 10 May.

We have sold almost all of the first batch just in pre-orders! Rick and Edwin have already started work on the next batch of 100, making some small changes to help production.

It is remarkable just how long the “little details” take to work out when putting a product into production. I had the prototype SM1000 working in September, and the first revision of the case was ready before Christmas. Things always take longer than you expect. Oh well, we have made it in the end. We are shipping about 14 months after Rick and I started work on the project, which is not bad for any product I guess. Thanks so much Rick and Edwin!

SM1000 Support

Here is the SM1000 user Guide.

For SM1000 support please post to the Codec 2 mailing list, that way we can all share the information. We’ll publish some SM1000 user guide information over the next few weeks. Maybe a wiki, so you can all join in. I really want this to be a community project.

FreeDV News

In other FreeDV news I’ve been working hard on a new “negative SNR” FreeDV mode that will find it’s way into the SM1000 and other FreeDV platforms later this year. So far I’ve developed a prototype 650 bit/s version of Codec 2 and Octave/C versions of a new coherent PSK HF modem with frequency diversity which greatly helps HF fading channel performance. I am currently being frustrated by HF modem frequency offset estimation (yet again!) but I’ll get there eventually. Other parts of the new coherent PSK HF modem are working really well.

In the VHF space, Brady KC9TPA, has been working hard on a design and PCB layout for a prototype VHF radio that can run FreeDV and demonstrate our advanced new ideas for VHF Digital Voice. Wish I was building radios too but I’m knee deep in DSP code!

Dayton 2015

Rick will be attending the Dayton Hamfest and presenting a talk on the SM1000, and will have a bunch of SM1000s for you to play with. Mel, Bruce and team will have a booth at Dayton with FreeDV and the SM1000 on display – thanks guys for all your efforts and kind support.

15 thoughts on “SM1000 Part 13 – Shipping!”

  1. David, it’s good to see the pictures of the new hardware, but it will be even better to see them in person; I plan to be at Dayton this year, though I’m not sure if I will make the talk on the SM1000 or not. I’m also working to integrate the code for this into the mcHF HF transceiver designed by Chris M0NKA, which has been mentioned on one of the mailing lists recently. Since that radio uses the same microcontroller (an STM32F405), it should be relatively painless once Clint KA7OEI, Chris M0NKA and I get the code coordinated.

    1. FB Matthew. It’s great to see FreeDV finding it’s way into various embedded platforms and PC applications!

  2. SM1000 received today.Will set it up for tests vy soon. Looks very nice.

  3. I just received mine yesterday. All involved have done a real nice job on the device by the looks of things.

    David, Rick, Edwin & co: well done!

    I look forward to trying it out, just need to make up a suitable cabling harness for my headset, radio and PTT switch on the bike.

    1. Thanks Stuart,

      Was thinking we need to set up a .au FreeDV net to promote regular usage here. I wonder, 40 or 20m?



  4. Do you have a pdf of the rj45 connector. I did not get any instructions with the unit. Or can you make a link, maybe I didn’t see it on your site.

  5. Thanks to all concerned. I received my SM 1000 last Friday. Well done
    Had a little problem with the power socket hole size. Just opened up the hole size and the power plug skt. now fits correctly.
    There is a site called “qsofreedv ” I used successfully last night. TO locate a vk station on 80m . My first digital contact was not completely successfull. However a sync light on the SM1000 gave me encouragement . The other station reported that he detected my signal in the waterfall with intermittent audio decoding.

    I also use the analogue mode on a regular 80m net.

    I noticed the although there was alot of qrm around, the SM1000 System seemed to make reception much clearer.
    Signal reports said my audio quality was a little different but still quite intelligent.

  6. Got my cable built, Alnico DX-70, no problems. I did however run every connection to the SM1000 down the RJ45 cable. This includes power. I added two small wires from the RJ block to the + and – connection on the power input jack. Now the only connector going to the SM1000 is an RJ45 network cable. It looks pretty clean and seems to work fine. I have never been able to work FreeDV from my home QTH as I have a constant noise floor of about S8…… I will be taking the rig out in the field and set it up to try it in a better environment. Looks like its working well and is going to be a great system. I got the idea to run power on the RJ cable from some security cameras I installed at work that use power over ethernet, POE.

  7. I have been following this for a few years now…I only recently bought an HF radio. I just saw, and held in my hand the SM1000!

    Wonderful piece! It is just about the size of a deck of cards, feels sturdy, the buttons have a nice feel to them, the rotary volume know feels secure. I was able to watch a presentation on FreeDV and the SM1000 at the Irving TX Ham-Com (DFW) today. Now I need to need to get my act in gear and order one so I don’t miss the next batch.


  8. Hello, I saw that the SM1000 is not available any more in the online shop for non VK amateurs. So will be the SM1000 again available in the near future?

    N9DAK | DL9DAK

    1. Hi Peter,

      Oh sorry about that, the Aliexpress store requires a manual “retest” every 6 weeks or it thinks we are out of business. Unfortunately the reminder emails are in Mandarin so I always miss them. Will fix the store today. Of course we are still accepting SM1000 orders, for shipping from a new batch that will be available late this month.

      – David

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