Is Alt-Med Responsible for 20% of Cancer Deaths?

In my meanderings on the InterWebs this caught my eye:

As a director of a cancer charity I work with patients everyday; my co-director has 40-yrs experience at the cancer coalface.We’re aware there are many cancer deaths that can be prevented if we could reduce the number of patients delaying or abandoning conventional treatment while experimenting with alt/med.It is ironic that when national cancer deaths are falling the numbers of patients embracing alt/med is increasing and that group get poor outcomes.If about 46,000 patients die from cancer in 2015, we suspect 10-20% will be caused by alt/med reliance. This figure dwarfs the road toll, deaths from domestic violence, homicide. suicide and terrorism in this country.

This comment was made by Pip Cornell, in the comments on this article discussing declining cancer rates. OK, so Pips views are anecdotal. She works for a charity that assists cancer sufferers. I’m putting it forward as a theory, not a fact. More research is required.

The good news is evidence based medicine is getting some traction with cancer. The bad news is that Alt-med views may be killing people. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, Alt-med (non evidence-based medicine) has been killing people throughout history.

The Australian Government has recently introduced financial penalties for parents who do not vaccinate. Raw milk has been outlawed after it killed a toddler. I fully support these developments. Steps in the right direction. I hope they take a look at the effect of alt-med on serious illness like cancer.

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  1. It’s interesting to read that raw milk was only able to be consumed after the animals were domesticated (about 8000 years ago), and the people who were able to digest the milk, passed this genetic trait on to their children. Even today, many people cannot drink milk, as they don’t have the enzymes to process it. If you can drink milk, you probably have some central European genetics.

    The reason people drank milk, is the more interesting part. It was a high protein and calorie diet. At the time, milk was more pure than the water. The term raining cats and dogs, comes from the huge rain storms that made rivers out of the city streets, and was so much rain, even all the dead dogs and cats were taken at high speed to the lake, where drinking water was retrieved.

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