Hamburgers versus Oncology

On a similar, but slightly lighter note, this blog was pointed out to me. The subject is high (saturated) fat versus carbohydrate based diets, which is an ongoing area of research, and may (may) be useful in managing diabetes. This gentleman is a citizen scientist (and engineer no less) like myself. Cool. I like the way he using numbers and in particular the way data is presented graphically.

However I tuned out when I saw claims of “using ketosis to fight cancer”, backed only by an anecdote. If you are interested, this claim is throughly debunked on

Bullshit detection 101 – if you find a claim of curing cancer, it’s pseudo-science. If the evidence cited is one persons story (an anecdote) it’s rubbish. You can safely move along. It shows a dangerous leaning towards dogma, rather than science. Unfortunately, these magical claims can obscure useful research in the area. For example exploring a subtle, less sensational effect between a ketogenic diet and diabetes. That’s why people doing real science don’t make outrageous claims without very strong evidence – its kills their credibility.

We need short circuit methods for discovering pseudo science. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time and energy investing spurious claims. People can get hurt or even killed. Takes a lot less effort to make a stupid claim than to prove it’s stupid. These days I can make a call by reading about 1 paragraph, the tricks used to apply a scientific veneer to magical claims are pretty consistent.

A hobby of mine is critical thinking, so I enjoy exploring magical claims from that perspective. I am scientifically trained and do R&D myself, in a field that I earned a PhD in. Even with that background, I know how hard it is to create new knowledge, and how easy it is to fool myself when I want to believe.

I’m not going to try bacon double cheeseburger (without the bun) therapy if I get cancer. I’ll be straight down to Oncology and take the best that modern, evidence based medicine can give, from lovely, dedicated people who have spent 20 years studying and treating it. Hit me with the the radiation and chemotherapy Doc! And don’t spare the Sieverts!

3 thoughts on “Hamburgers versus Oncology”

  1. Hi David,

    Two methods:

    1. Dr. Max Gerson, MD – Results of 50 cases, the cure of advanced cancer by diet methods. See also

    2. Adjonis Vanderplanitz – We want to live. 5th edition pages 237-243.

    There are other methods.

    Some other good reading “A medical testament” Sir Albert Howard on website.

    Dr. Joel Wallach “Dead doctors don’t lie”

    I can go on if you wish?

    Healthy soil -> healthy plants -> healthy animals -> healthy humans

    Good luck and best wishes!!!!


    1. Thanks John,

      1/ Could you pls point me at some peer reviewed journal papers showing superior results for diet over placebo/conventional treatments for cancer?

      2/ Any Oncology departments in Hospitals using diet as a primary treatment for cancer?

      3/ Cancer is not one disease. Could you please show me some peer reviewed journal papers breaking down diet therapy against different types of cancer?



  2. The sad thing, is that most cancer patients getting treatment don’t die of cancer. They die because of the treatment. The organ that gets the brunt of front-line duty, the liver, is killed in the treatment. Died of cancer is mostly a legal term.

    Before treatments were approved, the doctors would withhold any treatment, and the patient would die of their cancer. So when treatments began being administered, they decided that the cancer was still legally what killed you, and the treatments were not proximate causes for any tort claims.

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