FreeDV SM1000 v SSB demo

Great demo of FreeDV 1600 (SM1000 at one end) and SSB between AA6E and K5MVP. You can really notice the reduced audio bandwidth and ever present noise of SSB compared to FreeDV. This is just the start – we are gradually improving the low SNR robustness and speech quality of FreeDV. Thanks so much Martin for posting this.

I like watching the fading FreeDV signal. I think there is a “lowpass” effect on the signal – more power allocated to low frequency carriers. This may be due to the transmitter tx filter, or possibly the SM1000. FreeDV is only as good as the SNR of the weakest carrier. Ideally they should all be the same power. This is one of the “tuning” issues I’d like to look into over the next few months.

6 thoughts on “FreeDV SM1000 v SSB demo”

    1. Yes perhaps the domain name has expired, it was maintained by the astfin guys. Oslec is part of the Linux kernel now, but it would be nice to get the development files back. Let me know if you find them anywhere!

  1. The SM1000 is a wonderful idea. But I will not order one because I live in the European Union (EU): This unit has no CE marking and no declaration of conformity to EU regulations. There is a big risk that EU customs will not allow it to enter the EU. Customs might give me the choice to have it destroyed or to have it sent back at my cost.

    Every completed product must have both or it is not marketable within the EU. Either look for a distributor within the EU that can provide the declaration of conformity or distribute the SM1000 as a kit. You need not do more than to declare it a kit and package the circuit board and the housing separately. Provide a sheet of paper with how to “build the kit”.


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