SM2000 Part 7 – Prototype Ready for Manufacture

Rick, KA8BMA, has been working steadily on the CAD work for the SM2000 VHF Radio and the Rev A (prototype) PCB layout is now complete and ready for manufacture. Neil, VK5KA, an experienced RF Engineer, has been working with Rick on the PCB layout to ensure RF integrity. Thank you both for your fine work!

Here is the top layer of Rev A, which is 160mm x 160mm:

It’s a modular design, if you zoom in you can see the names of each module.

Edwin at Dragino is kindly assembling some prototypes for us, and I hope to start bringing up the board in early June.


SM2000 Part 1 – Introducing the SM2000 project

SM2000 SVN – CAD Files for the project

7 thoughts on “SM2000 Part 7 – Prototype Ready for Manufacture”

  1. All the LED’s will probably draw more current than the CPU :-)

    Maybe put in a common ground and a jumper and then you can optionally disable them all.

  2. Although I gather the SM2000 is largely a vehicle for FreeDV (and no proprietary modes), would it be possible to include support for decoding/encoding packet (APRS) in the modem software?

    1. It would be an expensive device to waste on APRS. Especially when a much higher bandwidth would be available. If you have been following the 2400 4FSK experiments (for example).

    1. It shouldn’t be necessary, as the USB DFU bootloader is stored in mask rom on the STM32F4 and should be accessible with a button press on bootup, just like the SM1000. If you want full blown GDB debugging, however, you will need some kind of hardware SWD debugger, like the STLINK one included on the STM32Discovery boards.

      1. Thanks Brady, I have decided to spend $25 and get a Dev board. I have a small project to play with and learn how the STM DMA works.

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