FreeDV 700D and SSB Comparison

Mark, VK5QI has just performed a SSB versus FreeDV 700D comparison between his home in Adelaide and the Manly Warringah Radio Society WebSDR SDR in Sydney, about 1200km away. The band was 40m, and the channel very poor, with some slow fading. Mark used SVN revision 3581, built himself on Ubuntu, with an interleaver setting (Tools-Options menu) of 1 frame. Transmit power for SSB and FreeDV 700D was about the same.

I’m still finishing off FreeDV 700D integration and tuning the mode – but this is a very encouraging start. Thanks Mark!

One thought on “FreeDV 700D and SSB Comparison”

  1. It’s quite a strange feeling to me. I like the codec2 part much better, less tiring, more comfy to listen in. But i had the feeling the ssb part was easier to understand…

    Have to add im not a ham with an ear trained by decades of ssb.

    Maybe I will listen again with headphones in a quiet corner, as this surprised me quite a bit.

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