Oslec-ATA Smackdown

Last week I made a trip to Kersbrook in the nearby Adelaide Hills, where I visited Michael from OEG Australia. Michael works from a home office in this beautiful location, just 35 minutes from the middle of Adelaide:

OEG Australia are the developers behind a popular Adelaide based ITSP. Michael was keen to try out an IP04 as an alternative to the ATAs and ADSL routers (with integrated FXS/FXO ports) that many of their customers use. Some of their customers had been complaining about echo (including Michael himself) and low levels, on both the FXO and FXS ports. When I arrived we placed a test call from a SIP phone through the SPA-3000 FXO port. Sure enough, lots of echo.

We swapped out his SPA-3000 and replaced it with an IP04. The echo was gone and levels improved. Nice win for Oslec and the IP04 and it’s always good to see Open Software outperforming closed. I really like stress-testing Oslec on lines that have proved difficult for echo cancellers so Michael will keep running this IP04 for a few weeks to see how we go.

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  1. Good question! The Spiura SPA product spec says G165/G168, but doesn’t specify the filter length. Oslec is running a 16ms (128 tap) echo canceller on the IP04. My experience so far with Oslec (on the IP04 and x86 platforms) that for 95% of FXO lines 16ms is OK. Only one person has reported an echo tail on a FXO line longer than 32ms (and that was a budget carrier in Europe).



  2. Now all we need is ADSL(2+) support for IP04, to make the first Open Hardware ADSL router :)

  3. After seeing this I asked around. It seems like the SPA3000 has echo issues for a number of people. I assume they do EC on the main DSP, so you’d think issues like this would have been cleaned up over time in firmware updates. The industry standard in VoIP is “lousy”. :-)

  4. Yes I agree Steve – since I wrote this post a few people have also approached me with reports of similar problems with SPA 3000 ATAs , and related problems with ADSL routers that integrate VOIP and analog ports. Kind of surprising for commercial products.

    Anyway I hope the next generation of these products can benefit from our work on Oslec.

  5. I’ve been following the IP04 progress for quite a while and it’s really nice to see examples of it working out in the field. Keep up the good work! =)

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