IP01 – SOHO Asterisk Appliance

Atcom have recently built a 1 port version of the IP04, called the IP01. The IP01 is a palm sized Asterisk IP-PBX. It has an ATA form factor with serious CPU horsepower for around US$160 (plus analog module). Ideal for an office or home that has SIP phone extensions and VOIP trunks and maybe one legacy device like an analog phone or Fax. Sure beats a x86 PC with a X100P FXO card for form factor!

The single module can be either FXO or FXS. A full DB-9 is broken out on the back for the serial console – I really like this as it makes hacking easier. The IP01 is based on the open hardware and software IP04, and runs all the same software; including uClinux, Asterisk, Zaptel, Oslec echo cancellation, and the new Asterisk Now 2.0 GUI.

It is totally overpowered with a 400 MHz Blackfin BF532, so it can handle serious DSP work like echo cancellation and transcoding.

With a 256 Mbyte of flash and 64M byte of fast SDRAM the IP01 has plenty of room for uncompressed voice prompts and voice mail, plus all the software you will ever need on an embedded device. For comparison the IP01 is about 10 times the CPU power (faster CPU clock and more importantly SDRAM bus speed) of a WRT54 and has 64 times the flash. Compared to an ATA it has high quality echo cancellation, runs a real operating system (uClinux), and is totally open (hardware and software) and therefore very hackable.

For more information, here is the IP01 brochure. If you would like to experiment with the IP01 I will be getting some samples in about 2 weeks, available from my store.

7 thoughts on “IP01 – SOHO Asterisk Appliance”

  1. Hi David,

    Nice product.

    I suppose I don’t dare ask for schematics and pcb layouts?

    Merry Christmas!

    warm regards,

  2. Hi again David,

    I was trying to setup ahdemo mode on a Meraki Mini in support of the village telco stuff. When I try to set the BSSID with ifconfig ath0 ap 11:22:33:44:55:66, as described in the village telco note, the unit winds up in ad-hoc mode but IS EMITTING 100ms packets !! This could be a show stopper for this ACCTON unit for village telco uses. I thought you might like to pass along this along to electra and whomever else. If I can be of any further assistance along these lines, the above e-mail address works.

    I suppose the driver could be hacked….

    warm regards,

  3. Hi John,

    Re Ip01 – sure the Schematic and PCB is very similar to IP04 (just minus three ports), available from IP04 SVN. Will hopefully post the IP01 schematic there shortly.

    Re yr ahdemo work there has been a lot of recent work on adhoc mode under Madwifi. Pls post your comment to the Village Telco Google Group, as I am sure Elektra will be able to respond better than I could!

    – David

  4. This product does not have A-ticked, can I use it in Australia with 1 FXS to connect to my analogue phone? Is it legal?



  5. JNgu – it is not legal according to the ACMA rules. It’s kind of crazy, it’s identical to anIP04 (which is A-ticked) and a FXS port doesn’t even connect to PSTN lines.

  6. Hi David,

    Are the schematics for IP01 available anywhere? I can find them for IP04 in SVN, but not for IP01.

    I can see that the designs are mostly similar, but am stumbling across differences, such as the absence of the CPLD.

    Many thanks

  7. Hi Nick,

    I don’t think Atcom have released the schematic for the IP01, at least I don’t have a copy. As you say the main difference from the IP04 is the missing CPLD. This changes the zaptel driver as the SPI bus decoding is different – probably a straight through connection.



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