Using Make to build hardware

I have been working on some telephony hardware using the gEDA open source CAD software. Now designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is fun, but very GUI-centric. Click-Click-Click with the mouse all day. After a few frustrating experiences (OK I messed up the design a few times) I thought “there must be a better way” and “why can’t I use the command line and Make for this?”

Lucky for me the gEDA software uses text files to store the PCB layout so as an experiment I wrote some Perl scripts to handle some boring repetitive tasks. The bottom line is I am using Make to assemble a Printed Circuit Board design from smaller “modules” of PCB – just like software. I have written about it (with lots of fancy screen shots) enemafacesit moviessex women movies fatmovie favorite quotesfemale movies strippershitting females moviesfighting movie website the temptationfinal xi fantasy moviemovies free wmv adultfree sex anal movie downloadsringtone sanyo 5400 sprint freesamsung ringtone a680 midiamc 30 barrington moviesnokia easy 3585i text ringtone freeaudiovox ringtone 8910 cricketclowns 1000 ringtone nextelfree a950 ringtone samsung scha660 samsung sprint free ringtone Mapto credit allowing friends use2bcredit accept 2bcardsunion credit affinity federal 07481accreditation masters divinity aabc inmaine federal union credit acadia madawaskaaccreditation ahrpcard processingcom gambling merchant credit accountbureas 3 credit Map