Codec2 V0.1 Alpha Released

I have just released V0.1 of the Codec2 low bit rate open source speech codec. Almost 1 year to the day since the project started with this post. Speech samples and lots of other new information on the Codec2 page.

I was convinced by many to release early with the current algorithm. After listening to some early MELP 2400 bit/s samples I realised we were already in the ball bark with speech quality. A V0.1 release gives people a chance to try out Codec2 while I work on the algorithm quality and bit rate in parallel.

Codec2 currently runs at 2550 bit/s and delivers fair speech quality. It runs 10 times faster than real time on a modest Linux laptop and is usable today for digital radio or VOIP experimentation.

2 thoughts on “Codec2 V0.1 Alpha Released”

  1. I am going to try codec2 with another ham localy. Other programs are either to hard to under stand or my computer is to slow. Codec2 seems my speed, personal and computer.
    Please keep up your good works.


  2. David, have you given any thought to a suitable Forward Error Correction code, to be paired with codec2? If so, what is the recommendation? IMBE, AMBE, … build FEC into the vocoder, but it seems that codec2 (sensibly) separates the two into different layers?

    On this point, have you considered presenting your work at the Australian Communications Theory Workshop? This workshop’s roots are in providing an informal forum for early career Physical Layer researchers, though many of the original participants have stayed with it as their careers have progressed. Most presentations are in the form of posters, with speakers being invited to give 20 minute talks, based on submitted papers. Rego is quite cheap, and there is always the possibility that a low funds / independent researcher could convince the orgaisers to let them in as a student. The next AusCTW is in Melbourne, Jan31-Feb3 next year.

    AusCTW could the ideal forum, at which to convince some bright young researcher to take of the task of designing an FEC layer for codec2.

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