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Flukso is a web based community power metering system. Use it to graph your electricity usage and reduce your energy consumption and power bills. The Fluksometer is a Wifi device that measures your household power using a sensor that clips over the mains cable in your fuse box. The Fluksometer then associates with your Wifi network and automatically logs power data to the Flukso web site. Your data can then be viewed via your account on the Flukso web site.

Graphing your power consumption is a great way to monitor and reduce your electricity consumption. It is particularly useful in tracking down those nasty passive loads – appliances that run 24 hours a day and use electricity even when switched off. Here is a blog post describing how I installed a Fluksometer in my house.

You need to provide:

  • A Wifi network and the WEP/WPA details.
  • A power socket close to your fuse box.
  • An Electrician to install the current clamp in your fuse box. Please don’t work inside your fuse box if don’t know what you are doing!


Gas probes are equipped with 2m of UL2464 lead wire and require attachment to a pulse port on the Fluksometer.

Buying a Fluksometer

NOTE: We are not currently taking any orders due to development of the new version 3. Updates on when version 3 stock is available will be posted accordingly

Some notes on buying a Fluksometer:

  • In Australia the FLM02B measures up to five channels. More details
  • For independent single-phase circuits, or a single three-phase circuit. If you just want to measure your home electricity consumption, buy 1 clamp. For three phase power buy 3 clamps. To measure your home electricity consumption plus PV solar power production, buy 2 clamps.
  • Prices above include shipping by Express Post.
  • The Fluksometer kits have power supplies to suit Australian power sockets.
  • There is a Flukso Forum for support and discussion of related topics like power saving ideas and future development of the Flukso system.
  • See below for registration and set up instructions!

Setting up your Fluksometer

OK, you have received your Fluksometer, so what next?

  1. Installation instructions are included on the box, also see the on-line installation instructions. Here is the FLM02B Fluksometer user manual. Some brief additional notes follow below …..
  2. Follow the set up instructions on the Fluksometer box to install your Fluksometer and connect to your Wifi network. Please use an Electrician to install the current clamp in your fuse box.
  3. This page shows how to connect current clamps to your Fluksometer. When positioning the mouse over the pictures, helpful annotations will be shown.
  4. You can register a Flukso account here. Next add your Fluksometer’s serial ID to this account via the ‘my account’ -> ‘devices’ tab.
  5. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to create a forum topic at Flukso Forum.

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