Dead DC-DC converter in my EV

About a week ago I returned from LCA 2013 after being away from home for 1 month. My EV was parked at a house close to the airport. It burst into life and off I went. However about 1 km from home the front lights and dash went dim and the EV ground to . . . → Read More: Dead DC-DC converter in my EV

Intermittent EV

A few months ago I was cruising along and my EV suddenly lost power. It was like someone had pushed in the clutch. I lifted the bonnet but the problem seemed to have gone and off I went again. Then it happened again last week. I suspected the throttle pot, as I . . . → Read More: Intermittent EV

28,000 Electric km

I haven’t written much about my EV for a while as nothing much has happened. It just goes and goes, and has just clocked over 28,000 electric km since it was converted. This post is a collection of notes from my EV driving in 2011.

It’s been two years since I installed Lithium batteries and . . . → Read More: 28,000 Electric km

Driving the Nissan Leaf

Yesterday I took part in a Green Zone Drive event and had a test drive in the Nissan Leaf in the Mebourne CBD. I attended along with Michael and John, of the 3 Day EV fame. Also present were some other low emission vehicles and the Mitsubishi MIEV.

Our guide for the drive in the . . . → Read More: Driving the Nissan Leaf

2010 EV Festival

This years Australian EV Festival was held in Adelaide. Friday was a conference day, with a speakers from Universities, wind power and charge point companies, car companies, state government, and EV drivers. Many, many really smart people. Lots of great ideas. I talk about some of them below.

The photos are from Saturday, . . . → Read More: 2010 EV Festival

Equalising Lithium EV Batteries

In December 2009 I installed a new Lithium battery pack in our EV. The pack has been working really well, not a single battery problem for 10 months. The previous lead acid pack was always causing problems, possibly because we pushed them a bit to get the range we needed. I didn’t mind . . . → Read More: Equalising Lithium EV Batteries

Science Alive

Our little EV has been on display at Science Alive – a local 3 day science show. Our local branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) was asked to set up a booth. A good chance to show off Electric Cars to the general public.

At the show we set up a . . . → Read More: Science Alive

Blown Armature

The other day I was driving my daughter to a friends house in our Electric Car. I hammered it a bit taking off from the lights. Suddenly the engine seemed to shudder and loose power. It felt like a petrol motor that was “missing”. I stopped, pulled over and popped the bonnet. . . . → Read More: Blown Armature

Debugging the EV

While I was away in Europe our EV stopped working. My wife was sitting at some traffic lights, the lights went green but nothing happened. So my wife and my daughter had to push the car home, fortunately just a few 100m from where we live. Much to the amusement of the 4 . . . → Read More: Debugging the EV

The Amazing Louis Palmer

Last night I went to an excellent talk by Loius Palmer, famous for driving the Solar Taxi around the world in 2007 – 2008. His stories of the trip were very funny and it was just amazing to see what one very motived guy can do. He has also rode the length of Africa . . . → Read More: The Amazing Louis Palmer