A tick means your phone system can reach the Internet. You need the Internet for VOIP calls and software upgrades. If you have a problem reaching the Internet check your Network settings, in particular Gateway and DNS.
Emergency backdoor IP. Useful if you get locked out of the main network connection, for example due to DHCP problems on your network or a configuration mistake. Write this number down somewhere!
If ticked this phone will ring when some one calls the phone system from an outside Analog or VOIP Line. More than one phone can be ticked. You can answer a call on another ringing phone by dialling *8 on your phone - see FAQ for details.
Press this button to lock in any changes you have made to the Reception check-boxes above.
Analog Phone: Normal telephone plugged into a port on your phone system.
IP Phone plugged into your network.
Analog Phone Line: Analog telephone line plugged into a port on your phone system.
VOIP Phone Line: Make and receive phone calls over the Internet.
Important information about your Phone System.
The address of your Phone System on your network. Use this address to connect IP Phones to your Phone System.
List of phones connected to your Phone System. You can connect Analog or IP Phones to your system. When IP Phones are configured correctly, they appear on this list. If an IP phone is not configured correctly, it will not appear on this list. Analog phones require hardware to be installed in your Phone system.
List of phone lines available. Phone lines are used to make and receive outside calls. You can use regular Analog phone lines or VOIP. VOIP phone lines require an account with an Internet Telephone Service Provider. Analog phone lines require hardware to be installed in your Phone System.
Dial this number to call this phone
Port (socket) on the rear of your Phone System. Plug the phone into this Port.
Port (socket) on the rear of your Phone System. Plug the phone line into this Port.
Dial 0 for an Analog outside line. For example to call 5551234 dial 05551234. Don't pause after the 0, just dial 0 and the outside number together.
IP Address of this phone on your network
IP Address of the VOIP Internet Telephone Service Provider
Dial 1 for a VOIP outside line. For example to call 5551234 dial 15551234. Don't pause after the 1, just dial 1 and the outside number together.
Instructions and help on adding a new IP phone
Instructions and help on VOIP Line set up
List of possible IP phones. For a new phone choose any Available number. Refresh this page to update
The IP phone is connected to your phone system and ready to use
No IP phone is connected. Either no IP phone is present, or the IP phone has not been set up.
A VOIP line allows you to make and receive phones calls over the Internet. Normally a VOIP line is provided by an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). They will give you an account, which includes the user and password details that you can fill in below. Refresh this page on your browser to see if your VOIP line is working.
Your Internet Telephony Service Provider. They will give you an account with a user name and password.
Your account name with your Internet Telephony Service Provider
The password for your Internet Telephony Service Provider account
The Internet address of your Internet Telephony Service Provider. This will usually be filled in automatically.
A tick means you are connected to your Internet Telephony Service Provider. Refresh your browser to update.
Press this button to restart your phone system. This is the same as turning the power off and back on.
Press this button to install the latest version of Mini Asterisk. An Mini Asterisk upgrade requires an Internet connection.
Enter the URL of a firmware update script. This option can be used to install new firmware on your Phone System. Installing new firmware requires an Internet connection. the full URL Must be entered, e.g. http://rowetel.com/ucasterisk/mini/test.sh
Change your password, reset the default settings, upgrade software
Connect the phone system to your network and the Internet
Lists your phones and phone lines
Set up your IP phones
Boring information like software version numbers
Frequently asked questions and links to further information
I think you can work this one out....
Set up your VOIP phone line



Phone System
IP Phones


  1. Where can I find out more about Mini Asterisk: Mini Asterisk Home Page.
  2. Where can I get Support: You can try the Free Telephony Project Mailing List.
  3. Answer a call on another ringing phone: If you hear another phone ringing and want to answer the call on your phone, just pick up your phone and dial *8. Note an IP phone can pick up a call on a ringing IP phone but not an Analog phone. An Analog pohone can pick up another ringing Analog phone but not an IP phone.
  4. Put a call on hold/transfer: On an IP Phone try the recall or transfer button. On an Analog Phone hold down the hook button for 1 second then dial the new number.
  5. Why another Asterisk GUI I had some specific needs for a light weight, very easy to use GUI for the IP0X line of products. So I scratched the itch. More information here.

Resources and Links

  1. If you want to learn more about Asterisk a good on-line book is Asterisk - The Future of Telephony